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Welcome to Yuanfen

This is Ana's little blog, where she reveals her odd mind to the world from a keyboard; the site is online since 11.04.2023 thanks to Altervista's free subdomain service and sports its version 01 Beauty and the beast, featuring an artwork rendition of the omonymous fairytale.
Enjoy your visit; cheers. XOXO

December 26, 2023

I've been selling old comics (mostly japanese) for a couple of years, and I've dealt with plenty of deluded buyers but I don't remember ever meeting a worse one than today's specimen.

She was interested in a series released in my country in 2002-2004...and complained because the volumes had some minor stains and signs of use; when I politely told her the "dirty" volumes were (literally) a handful out of 30+ and that she couldn't really and above all realistically expect 20-plus-years-old books to be pristine (mine are like new with absolutely perfect spines and pages and I had sent her photos that also proved that), she flipped and insulted me -- calling me rude (ME) and acting, typical utterly deluded buyer behaviour, as if she was doing me a huge favor by buying the about deep-space levels of delusional. I had no intention of dealing with that kind of BS and rudeness on Christmas day, so I "ghosted" her....and as I told her before that, good luck (she is gonna need lots) finding that series' volumes in better conditions than mines.

Sorry for the mini rant, but that interaction was absolutely insane; I had to share it. But le me know what you think -- and if you ever encountered anyone equally delusional.
See you all next time; cheers. XOXO

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November 04, 2023

It's been a while since I closed my old blog Intrigued, but I suddenly felt the pull to do it again so I opened this.

The name Yuanfen is a chinese (I believe) term to indicate a relationship by fate or destiny or alternatively the binding force between two people; the name was borrowed by a blog I stumbled upon a couple of years ago (now closed, otherwise I would've never used the name). Since I didn't want to go through the hassle of searching for a domain name and a paid host, I decided to go with Altervista's free subdomain service...and here I am.

Sorry for the short (and awkward) post, but I never really know what to write in these introductory entries. xD
See you on next entry; cheers. XOXO

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